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Monday, 7 March 2011

Catching up on reviews and Alex T Smith

Another picture by Sir Bobblysock

It was mentioned in an earlier post that Claude and Sir Bobblysock have been busy. Their first book hit the shops, they've been busy supervising the production of their second (Claude on Holiday) not to mention making sure their friend Alex T Smith gets a shift on with all the pictures for their THIRD adventure ( Claude at the Circus) so that it's ready to be published next January.
As you can imagine it's been tough on them both and a LOT of time has been spent having long lie downs in darkened rooms with cucumber slices over their eyes and soothing music being piped into their ears....

Well, they managed to rouse themselves enough to meet up with Alex T Smith and have a nice glass of lemonade and look over all the lovely things people have been saying about CLAUDE in the CITY:
(Click the links to read the full reviews)

"It's highly illustrated and also very funny (parents will enjoy it)"

"Fantastic illustrations that fit perfectly with this funny story. A wonderful book that I think grown ups will love as much as children! *****"

"A witty story and stylish illustrations."

"I loved everything about this book."

"Lovers of the quirky, behold, this one is for you! This new series by newcomer author/illustrator Alex T. Smith is absolutely brilliant"

‎'Claude in the City' by Alex T. Smith is one of those books which makes people of all ages laugh. the illustrations are FAB the story BRILL..." *****

"We can't wait for the next Claude book to come out in the summer and have pre-ordered it. In the meantime I suspect that Claude in the City will be read over and over again. Well done and thank you Alex T Smith!" *****

And finally...
The brilliant NEW BOOK SNIFFER Site has an interview with Alex T. Smith's three dogs AND a sneaky look at Claude's second adventure 'CLAUDE on HOLIDAY"

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  1. Hi Alex!

    Just thought you might like to know Claude is featured on Babyology!

    On a personal note, my six year old, Edward, thinks Claude and Sir Bobblysock are the best thing since sliced bread - and he's wondering, will Claude ever venture as far as Australia?!

    Best regards

    Katrina Whelen